Mixed-age groups. All lessons taught in English. Our highly-qualified teachers are able to teach and support students with little or no knowledge of English.

create a joyful and inspirational learning environment

Life at ISL

Facing the world of tomorrow we want to value the languages and culture of Belgium as a learning resource.

How do we see your child grow

We offer a safe, child-centered learning environment ...
... that allows your child to be independent, creative and a reflective problem-solver and which is wholly supportive of each child’s own unique abilities. Students are given the opportunity to develop the skills they need for life and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

As ISL staff, we consider it our mission to create a joyful, safe and inspirational learning environment that will enable young learners to reach their full educational and personal potential. This will help them to become self-confident and respectful world citizens.

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    Miss Cathy, primary teacher ISL
    It’s a blessing to see how, through digital learning, even our youngest pupils rise above themselves.

    Miss Cathy, primary teacher

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